Plastic Spin Columns

Empty Spin chromatography columns are disposable columns that can be packed with a variety of chromatographic media. Allows working with small quantities of resin, around 50 to 100 µl.  Are adequate for purifications with syringe (luer lock system) or by centrifugation. The package contains 25 Empty Spin Columns supplied with end caps & two top caps (luer lock & rubber gasket screw cap). The Plastic Spin Columns are polypropylene and contain a polyethylene frit with a nominal pore size of 35µm).


  • Product Name Plastic Spin Columns
  • Cat. No. SP-25
  • Frit Material Polyethylene
  • Frit Pore Size 35 µm
  • Caps Top caps , & end caps included
  • Caps Top caps
  • Total Capacity (ml) 0.8
  • Spin Material Polypropylene
  • Chemical Stability.Stable in all commonly used reagents 1
  • & end caps included 1
  • Content not available