Nickel NTA Rapid Run™

This resin consists of crosslinked agarose derivatized with Nitrilotriacetic acid (NTA) and provides good properties working in native or denaturing conditions. This resin can recover His-tagged proteins from a variety of expression systems such as baculovirus, yeast, mammalian and bacterial cells. Nickel NTA Rapid Run™ provides the advantages of the Nickel cation with the high flow rates of the Rapid Run™ beads. It is specially designed for large scale His-tagged protein purifications.
  • Product Name Nickel NTA Rapid Run™
  • Cat. No. 6RR-NTANI-X
  • Bead Geometry & Size Spherical
  • Crosslinked Highly crosslinked
  • Agarose % 6 %
  • Antimicrobial Agent 20 % ethanol
  • Loading Capacity (μmol me2+/ml gel) ≥ 15
  • Static Binding Capacity ≥ 60 mg/ml gel
  • Storage Temperature 4-8˚C
  • Standard ~ 50-150 µm
  • Ligand Nitrilotriacetic Acid (NTA)
  • Content not available