High Density Glyoxal 6 Rapid Run™

High Density Glyoxal 6 Rapid Run™ allows a covalent binding of agarose to lysine amino groups. This product is adequate to work in large scale process (High Pressure). The resin has a high amount of aldehydes groups (40-60 µmoles Glyoxal /ml gel) providing multiple binding points and High immobilized ligand stability. The resin has been manufactured using 6% Rapid Run™ agarose beads, because of this the pore size is adequate to work with enzymes, proteins & small ligands and the stability at high flow is adequate to large scale process.
  • Product Name High Density Glyoxal 6 Rapid Run™
  • Cat. No. 6RR-GM3-X
  • Bead Geometry & Size Spherical
  • Crosslinked Highly crosslinked
  • Agarose % 6 %
  • Antimicrobial Agent 20% Ethanol
  • Storage Temperature 2-8˚C
  • Description High Flow. Multiple Binding points. High immobilized ligand stability. Exclusion limit
  • Standard ~50-150 µm
  • Activation degree (μmol glyoxyl/ml gel) 40-60
  • Content not available