Manufacturing sites

Supporting the biopharmaceutical industry as a leading European manufacturer of agarose resins

Equipped with two well established ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturing sites, the company can produce and supply large scale quantities for cGMP manufacturing.

These strategically located facilities are equipped with the latest technology to produce custom resins and meet the highest GMP standards, ensuring efficient large-scale production.

Our continuous manufacturing capacity with improved scalability has facilitated time to market, while lowering capital and operating costs, meeting our commitment to satisfy global demand.

Manufacturing sites

Currently, ABT has two active manufacturing sites located in strategic areas of Spain.

The one in the northern part has been operational since our founding in 1991. As a result of its recent expansion, new process analytical tools (PAT) are being implemented to improve process robustness, accelerate scale-up to commercial production and drive more efficient use of resources, making this location a pioneer manufacturing site worldwide. With more than 1,000 sqm, ABT manufactures large volumes for bulk projects and hosts GMP audits from customers around the world. This facility has been inspected by EU and USA customers and can manufacture the widest range of functionalized and non-functionalized resins in compliance with GMP. 

The second manufacturing site, located in Madrid, was opened in 2001. It is the headquarters of the company where R&D, manufacturing of functionalized beads, customer service, and sales operations are based. This manufacturing site was fully renovated two years ago recently and equipped with innovative technology and equipment to increase flexibility and reduce production lead times. At this site, we have a clean room, specifically designed to produce our most innovative products - customized resins. These cutting-edge resins are manufactured under stringent quality standards that exceed customers’ needs. Our highly qualified scientists have the technical expertise, experience, and equipment to produce customized resins in quantities from lab-scale to commercial manufacturing volumes.

Raw materials

Assurance of a consistently high quality grade of agarose, one of our critical raw materials, is a key factor to us. Our commitment to security of supply demands that the raw material suppliers are qualified from leading manufacturers who are part of a supplier network program. ABT’s strategic location in the same town as the main agarose supplier, guarantees security of supply of finished products to our customers.

Security of supply

Rising global warming threats and ever-changing geopolitical dynamics have made it imperative to choose sites that are capable of withstanding any negative impact that endangers security of supply.  For this reason, ABT products are manufactured and stored in global locations. With three independents warehouses located in the United States and Spain, ABT always ensures product availability, regardless of any adverse circumstances that may arise. 

Disaster recovery plan

In a rare case of an adverse event, ABT has a disaster recovery plan in place that ensures uninterrupted supply of agarose resins.  ABT places utmost importance in constant communication with the clients of any changes that might impact the continuity of their business and is deeply committed to deploying risk management and risk mitigation plans as appropriate.

Looking for a custom resin?

The customization of agarose resins is our flagship services, and we develop various custom resins that meet the unique challenges of our clients.

Our custom range also includes agarose beads of various sizes with appropriate separation properties.

Looking for a custom resin?
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