High quality resins

for bioproccesing


At ABT, we have integrated quality into everything we do as a company. We achieve operational excellence by adhering to continuous improvement of our internal processes. We have established a very high bar for quality and performance which must be met by all our products and processes.  Our business continuity plan demonstrates our resilience to any unforeseen situation and guarantees unimpaired supply of products at any scale.  


Quality Management System (QMS)

We understand the importance of QMS and the fact that the strength of our quality management system will make us exceed in our compliance efforts or fall short. The QMS we have implemented affects every aspect of ABT’s performance and helps us coordinate and direct all our activities to meet customer and regulatory requirements.  It ensures compliance with policies, regulations, and Industry standards and has improved our effectiveness and efficiency on a continuous basis.  This involves training employees and documenting training, housing documents, and controlling different versions, measuring, and tracking quality performance, defining, and improving quality processes, risk management, and reducing waste.  We achieve all this by providing an adequate organizational structure and the necessary resources and to stay on top of regulatory compliance and quality management.


Regulatory Support

At Agarose Bead Technologies we are committed to provide quality products along with regulatory support service, designed to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of our customers. Our quality systems comply with the international standards for Quality Management Systems as defined by the ISO 9001:2015

Support for raw materials used in GMP regulated environments is essential to our customers. To meet their need, we have made confidential regulatory documentation available on demand (REQUEST FOR RSF).  These Regulatory Support Files provide product description including detailed information on product characteristics, performance, stability, extractable compounds, spectral data, safety data, and analytical methods for chromatography resins.



ABT complies with the REACH regulation and is dedicated to meet various requirements and activities within sourcing and manufacturing operations. At ABT, there are programs in place to assess hazards and risks of the raw materials we produce.  These programs enable us to identify and implement risk management measures to minimize the exposure of hazardous substances to humans and the environment as well as the personnel in our production sites and surrounding environments.


EHS Program

ABT places utmost importance in employees’ health and safety and all our business activities reflect this policy of working in harmony with global environment. Environmental, Health and Safety (EHS) issues are recognized as key elements of our corporate management and are carefully considered in every aspect of the business.  Our EHS personnel run the safety and health management program performing industrial hygiene activities, job hazard analyses, incident investigations, providing environmental, health, and safety training among other responsibilities ensuring EHS regulatory compliance.

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