4% BCL Agarose Bead Standard (50-150µm)

4% BCL Agarose Bead Standard is a crosslinked agarose resin with a bead size of 50-150 µm. It is a gel filtration resin commonly used for coupling affinity ligands. The matrix is not pre-activated so the user needs to generate groups for coupling procedures.


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  • Product Name 4% BCL Agarose Bead Standard (50-150µm)
  • Cat. No. A-1041S-X
  • Bead Geometry & Size Spherical ~50-150 µm
  • Crosslinked Yes
  • Agarose % 4 %
  • Bead Mean Diameter d50v ~90 µm
  • Antimicrobial Agent 20% Ethanol
  • Storage Temperature 2-30˚C
  • Exclusion Limit Da >2x10^7
  • pH Stability Working Range 3-13
  • ph stability cleaning in place (cip) 2-14
  • Fractionation (mw) Globular Proteins Da 7x10^4 - 2x10^7
  • Linear Recommended Flow Rate <26 cm/h
  • Chemical Stability Stable in all solutions commonly used in gel filtration, 2 M NaOH, 8 M urea, 6 M guanidine hydrochloride, 30% isopropanol, 70% Ethanol and commonly used detergents
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