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Leading Innovators in Polyclonal Antibody Production 2022

The development of new antibodies is a vital part of filling in gaps within the healthcare marketplace. Since 2009, the team at SICGEN Antibodies has been leading the way when it comes to this impressive technology. The team's success in the field has brought them international attention and earned them the title of Leading Innovators in Polyclonal Antibody Production 2022 in GHP's Biotechnology Awards 2022. We dig a little closer to find out more.

Based in a small village in the district of Coimbra, Portugal, the team at SICGEN Antibodies has punched well above their weight. With the capacity to produce hundreds of antibodies every year, the team has found itself at the center of an antibody revolution. The team's work has used cutting-edge techniques to transform the shape of the industry and find a place for SICGEN Antibodies that is at the forefront.

The success of SICGEN Antibodies is most easily shown through the way in which the team has been able to commit to becoming a global producer of polyclonal antibodies and antibody-related products and services of the highest quality and at competitive prices. They not only manufacture but market their products offering an end-to-end process that is unparalleled by many within the industry. With more than 300 antibodies offered to customers, primarily for research purposes, the team has been proud to fill many gaps in the market.

The COVID-19 pandemic has shown a need for an agile response from numerous industries, and the team at SICGEN Antibodies was no exception. Their focus for the last two years has been on the production of antibodies (purified with high-quality agarose resins from Agarose Bead Technologies) against proteins of SARS- CoV.2, which were subsequently used in research into COVID-19. Thanks to a special grant from the Portuguese government, the firm was able to adapt its production platforms in short order and quickly begin production on its various solutions for the market.

Now, having been well established as a leading provider of custom polyclonal antibodies, many leading national and international institutions, including universities, research institutes, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and biotechnology distributors are turning to the team. Its primary market is North America, Europe, and the Far East. Many antibody-producing companies are in North America, but very few exist in Europe.

The team's approach is one that utilizes goats as a vital tool for development. These antibodies have numerous benefits when it comes to producing antiserum and thus far have proven more highly concentrated too. Whilst it would be possible to look after these animals in a sterile and clinical environment, the SICGEN Antibodies team has made the decision to capitalize on local knowledge and raise their goats using traditional methods. This approach provides a close link between this internationally-minded organization and the local community.

The decision to focus on niche areas of the antibodies sector has pushed the team to provide solutions that simply weren't on the market before. The team has moved agilely to focus on areas that other providers simply ignore. The team's background in academia has proven to be enormously beneficial in this respect, as they are able to anticipate the direction of scientific research. This has allowed them to move swiftly to meet customer needs as they arise. It has given them a competitive advantage in an incredibly competitive market.

The challenge in this field is always to carry on producing leading work for the client, developing, producing, and supplying globally high-quality antibodies. There can be little wonder that the team's ingenuity, combined with their highly academic approach, has been key to their growth. The high standards set by the SICGEN Antibodies team continue to push the boundaries forward for the industry. It's this ambition that has brought them such success in GHP's Biotechnology Awards 2022, and which will see the team thrive for many years to come.

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